Our Portfolio Management Strategy over 20 years has a proven history of success as our wealth of experience. We value positive relationships between Landlords, Tenants and our Property Managers. We see your home as one of your valued assets and we have designated Portfolio Consultants exclusively allocated to you.

We understand that great relationships between Landlords and Property Managers are established through a clear understanding of expectations and desired outcomes for our Landlords based on trust, support and transparency in dealings. Based on our culture of uncompromised service, and preemptive management style, we provide you with consistency and intimate knowledge of your one of your most valuable assets.

We also believe a high level of presentation and preparation of your property attracts quality tenants and in turn maximises rental yields. We will support and assist you in preparing your property through the leasing process and preparation for handover to tenants.

Our stringent tenant selection process is the foundation for a successful tenancy so we go the extra mile to qualify tenants and factor in all the variables associated with the tenancy to ensure that the tenants are the right fit for your property. We make recommendations to you based on applications, however, we allow you to make the final decision as to who lives in your property.



We treat your tenants with respect and see them as your clients in preference to “they’re just tenants”. This strategy promotes:

  • Quality tenants
  • Longevity of tenancies
  • Block harmony
  • Quiet enjoyment for neighbours
  • Respect for the property
  • Respect from tenants
  • Minimal arrears
  • Maximum rental yields
  • Quality experience for both landlords & tenants